A Day At The Beach

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I’ve recently moved away from Wales, where I was surrounded by fields and hills and not much else,  to a small, seaside town just outside of Lincoln, and although I’ve been living here for quite a while, now I hadn’t spent a full day at the beach.

This week my best friend, Delyth, came down to see my new house and the area for the first time. On Saturday we packed a beach bag, jumped on our bikes and headed for the seaside. We went into a town near the beach first. We wondered around some of the shops and arcades there, and after failing miserably at the 2p coin pusher games, we decided that the weather was way too good to be spending our time inside. So, we headed back to the beach. We got fish and chips and then sat in the sun, gossiping and stuffing our faces. After the fish and chips, we went off to get ice-cream and sat on the beach wall facing the beach, people watching, taking in the atmosphere, and just enjoying each others company

On our bike ride back we decided to stop at a less busy part of the beach and go for a paddle. Then, we laid out our blankets and ended up falling asleep in the afternoon sun. We woke up looking like a couple of burnt tomatoes. I won’t be doing that again in a hurry. Despite almost being burnt to a crisp, it was such a relaxing day.  I feel as though I need to do it more. Take a full day out to forget about any worries and negativity and just enjoy and appreciate nature and being around my friends and family.



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Hello! Welcome to my blog!! My name is Katie, I'm a 16-year-old girl who recently moved from Wales to Lincolnshire. I have a very rare, incurable autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis. I have had symptoms since I was 12 years old, and it basically makes my body "fight itself" stopping any 'signals' from reaching my muscles. I, unfortunately, am a very bad case. I am affected everywhere. My eyes, mouth, tongue, swallowing, neck, limbs, hands, and worst of all, breathing. In September 2016, I was admitted to hospital where I spent the next 6 months trying to find a treatment that worked for me. In that time I was ventilated for a week because I got so bad that my breathing stopped completely. I was then put on a treatment called 'Plasma exchange' which helped a lot, but I need it a lot more frequently than expected. Because of this, they decided to put a permanent line in my neck as an easy access point so I can receive treatment without having to stay in the hospital anymore. It still sucks A LOT! But I do feel as though I am getting better, even if it is only slightly. Now I am out of the hospital and getting on with life, I have decided to create this blog so it can be my 'escape' from the world. I don't want this blog to be about my disease because I know it doesn't define me, it's not who I am. I want this blog to be about my interests and what I enjoy in life. I love all things fashion, beauty, photography, and 'lifestyle' related. this blog includes everything and anything I love. It's a place to come to for those times when you feel lost inside your own head. A place to feel motivated, and inspired. And I really, really hope you enjoy!


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