How To Beat A Bad Day


I woke up this morning, and I knew it was going to be a bad day. I could have easily stayed in bed all day because I didn’t feel up for anything. These days are the worst; I don’t even need to have them for a reason, they just come and go randomly. I’m pretty sure we can all feel this way occasionally. So, on this particular ‘bad day’, I’ve decided to share my top 10 tips on how to beat a bad day.

  1. Accept that today just isn’t your day. Doing this is probably one of the best things you can do. Forcing yourself to be all happy and smiley isn’t always the way to go about things and can end up making you feel worse. There’s nothing wrong with having a bad day and sometimes accepting it can actually make things feel slightly better.
  2. Have a pamper day! My favourite thing to do on a bad day is to have a beauty sesh. Do a face mask, paint your nails, put a hair mask in, do all the things that you usually wouldn’t on a normal day. Having a Beauty day will make you feel good about yourself which, in turn, will make the day better, and it will also take your mind off whatever it is that’s making it a bad day.
  3. Treat yourself. I love to online shop whenever I’m feeling down. Now, I know we don’t all have the money to splurge on things whenever we’re not feeling good, because, well,  I certainly don’t, but just looking through some of your favourite shopping sites and picking out things that you’d like to buy in the future can make you feel better.
  4. Start a journal. I began to write a journal at the beginning of this year, and I feel like it’s helped a lot on these bad days. Just sitting down with a cup of tea and writing down your thoughts and feelings can help put things into perspective. Even if you don’t write about why you’re feeling down, you can still write about literally anything. Make lists of what you want to achieve in the next month or year. Write about the things that make you happy. Write a short story. There are endless possibilities of what you could write about in a journal.
  5. Have a movie day. Watching old, nostalgic films on a bad day is just the best. I always end up curling up on the sofa watching old Disney movies because they remind me of when I was younger and give me a nice, warm, cosy feeling.
  6. Plan tomorrow. Just because today isn’t your day doesn’t mean tomorrow is going to be bad as well. Making a list of all the things that you would like to achieve tomorrow can help, even if it’s just the tiniest most insignificant thing, write it down to make sure you achieve it.
  7. Chill out and listen to music. Get your favourite happy playlist up and just jam out to it. Make sure it’s happy music though because even if you’re not in the mood in the beginning if it’s your favourite music, you’ll forget why you were ever feeling down in the first place and start dancing around your room like a lunatic in no time. Well at least that’s what happens to me anyway
  8. Bake something healthy. I love baking; I find it therapeutic and it helps take my mind off anything because I’m just entirely focused on whatever it is I’m baking. Find a tasty, but slightly on the healthy side recipe and make it! Making something healthy means you won’t get like a massive sugar crash after and it will also give you some good snacks to pig out on when watching a film or something.
  9. Meditate. I always feel like I need to meditate more, but I can never find the time. So, finding the time to do it on a bad day can really help because it relaxes me and makes me feel happy.
  10. Get a good nights sleep. Getting a full 8 hours sleep will help make you feel fully regenerated and ready for tomorrow. I always feel good after a long sleep so this way, if I go to bed early, I already know tomorrow will be off to better start.
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